Marcia Maluk

Registered Massage Therapist

Your Health is Important

Massage promotes blood flow to tight, overworked muscles that may be injured or inflamed, it will break down adhesions or knots to improve range of motion of a joint as well as a mental break to achieve overall wellness and well-being. Massage has many benefits to help relieving symptoms with migraines, multiple sclerosis, carpal tunnel, temporal mandibular joint, sciatica, injury prevention, decrease anxiety, depression, stress and so much more.

Registered with CMTB

NHPC Member




I have known, and been a Massage Therapy patient of Marcia Maluk, since

2000. I have seen Marcia regularly, on a monthly basis, for Massage Therapy

treatments, and have found her to be not only an excellent and gifted Registered

Massage Therapist [MB], but also a most thoughtful, conscientious and caring

individual. I have benefited greatly from Marcia’s skill as a Massage Therapist and

have also had occasion to hear and follow her advise when she would recommend

necessary Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Dermatologist follow up attention.

Marcia has consistently demonstrated punctuality, high standards of

professionalism, hygiene and complete clinical reliability. Marcia has also shown

ongoing dedication to her Profession by willingly participating in ongoing

additional training with seminars and courses. Marcia’s understanding of human

anatomy and physiology quickly became obvious to me, with her extensive

vocabulary, confidently knowing specific muscle, tendon, bone and joint names.

I am most happy to give Marcia Maluk my highest recommendation as a

Registered Massage Therapist [MB], along with my recommendation for any other

position she might decide to apply for, where her fine character, high professional

standards, integrity and dedicated focus, are sure to be a tremendous asset.

-Paul G., Winnipeg MB

I have been a patient of Marcia Maluk, Massage Therapist (MB), since 2003. She has consistently practiced in a manner of the highest professionalism. Marcia has remained current and up-to-date in her practice and has taken on going courses. She has been a responsible business owner, and has built a very strong reputation for excellence. Marcia is a valued asset to any community.
Tim C., Winnipeg, MB