Graduated July 1999 Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapies Inc. 

Member with MTAM for 16 Years
Sports Event Massage (1999)
HTCC Hydrotherapy Certification Course (June 2000)
Trigger Point Therapy Workshop MTAM Conference (April 2003)
General Gross Anatomy Review (June 2007)
Schweitzer’s Deep Tissue Therapy (November 2007)
The Role of the Pelvic Floor in Lumbo Pelvic Pain and Dysfunction (April 2007)
Lumbar Region Myofascial Release Jenings (September 2010)
Shoulder Region Myofascial Release Jenings (September 2010)
Intro to Mobilization (April 2013)
A Discussion on Concussions 2 (April 2015)
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (April 2015)
Manual Lymphatic Drainage  (April 2017)
Pharmacology And Massage Therapy (May 2017)
Basics of Research Literacy (June 2017)
Joint Mobilization (December 2017)
Hydrotherapy (April 2018)
Standard First Aid and CPR Level C (May 2019)
Boundaries and Consent (January 2020)
Chapman’s Reflex’s (February 2021)
 2 Day Dissection Online Deep Front Line and Nervous System (March 2021)
Standard First Aid and CPR Level C (May 2022)
Documentation in Massage Therapy Practice (September 2022)
Hormonal Health Masterclass (January 2023)
How Fascia Moves (June 2023)
Easing the Neck (June 2023)
Ethics Module: Record Keeping Basics (June 2023)
Indigenous Cultural Safety, Humility and Anti-Racism (March 2024)
Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation (March 2024)